Bates-Rich Programs

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Bates-Rich Programs

Infant Care

Your baby is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We honor your baby's individuality. We know that each baby needs to grow and develop at their own pace. Our goal in the Infant Room is to provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment that gives them the freedom and support to do just that. We strive to stimulate cognitive growth through varied language experiences. The social and emotional development of each infant is of primary importance.

Through the assignment of a primary caregiver, your infant will learn how to adapt socially and emotionally to the world around them. Caregivers will teach and facilitate sharing and caring through playing, holding, feeding, touching and changing. Physical development is enhanced by allowing babies the freedom to move safely around the room. The babies even have music class once a week!

Each baby follows his/her own (or parent-requested) schedule of eating, sleeping, and playing. Diapers are changed throughout the day as needed. The Center provides feeding dishes, spoons and bibs and parents bring food and bottles. Caregivers keep a daily journal of eating, sleeping, and daily activities for parents to check, and a teacher is available daily to talk with you about your child's day.

Our daughter was premature and had a very unpredictable start to life. The thought of leaving her after 6 months to return to work had me very anxious and worried about both of us! I can not even put into words the peace of mind that Bates-Rich has provided. [My daughter's] teachers not only welcomed us with open arms but have been the best day to day resource for us on everything from sleeping through the night to eating solids. We would be lost without Laura in the infant room! I always thought that I would cry the day my daughter ever reached for someone else while I was holding her but ,when she reaches for Laura, all I can think of is how very lucky we are. Thank you, Bates-Rich!
Cheryl M

Toddler Care

What could be more exciting than to be a toddler?! You're up on your own two feet and everything you see, touch, taste, and smell is a new adventure. At Bates Rich, we are fiercely committed to providing a safe environment for your toddler that will challenge their emerging skills. We will teach a sense of self, especially as separate from others, and work to build self-esteem through a variety of positive experiences.

Teachers in the Toddler Room provide language experiences through daily exposure to books, story tapes, songs and more. Various art forms are incorporated into weekly themes to provide exposure to different colors, shapes and textures.

Caregivers provide opportunities for each child to learn rules and expectations for social interactions, and they provide a learning environment in which toddlers may freely test and explore with as little restrictions placed on them as possible. Caregivers encourage and facilitate sharing, in appropriate circumstances. They allow ample opportunities for independent play. They encourage children to "use their words" to solve problems and conflicts and to express their feelings.

A toddler's day begins to have some structure while still allowing ample opportunity for choosing activities. Each day includes a combination of free choice play along with more structured activities specifically designed to develop the intellectual, social, cultural, physical and emotional growth of toddlers.

While your toddler will be cared for by a team of trained professionals, while in addition each toddler is assigned one specific primary caregiver. This caregiver is the primary contact for your toddler and a few other children, allowing the toddler to continue to form secure attachments and learn to trust in the adults around them.

My son looooves his teachers and friends in the toddler room at BR. I feel easy and comfortable bringing him to such a talented, loving, and creative place. He has developed such sweet social skills and has learned so much at"school". Every day I pick him up I'm in awe of all of the fun and clever ways the kids played and learned that day. The staff is so attentive to each parent and child, and they're very trustworthy. Even a little scratch gets an incident report, peace of mind that they were aware what happened! Can't say enough great things. Bates Rich families are a great team!
Meghan P

The Twos Classroom

Your little one is growing - and so is her world! Now that the basics of movement and language are underway, it's time to focus on developing the skills for which toddlerhood created a foundation: sharing, sense of self, language, arts, math, science, culture and large muscle growth.

Children in the Twos Room are learning to be more independent and self-sufficient. We help to foster these skills by teaching children how to complete tasks (such as putting their coats on or taking out their lunches) and then providing positive reinforcement.

Many children become interested in potty training in the Twos Room. There is a child-sized bathroom in the room and children are encouraged to try the potty at various times during the day. We work collaboratively with parents to establish consistent expectations and reward systems during potty training.

The Twos follow a sequential daily schedule. They continue to have many opportunities to choose activities, but we do offer increased exposure to structured activities. The activities are posted outside the room, either weekly or monthly in advance, depending on the teacher's planning preference. Themes for the week include fun, educational topics such as Body Parts, Fairy Tales, and Fall Fun. Pre-academic skills, such as color and letter recognition, sorting, and sequencing are incorporated into the daily routine.

several two year old children outside by a fence

I just wanted to pass along how impressed I've been by the staff in the 2s room! I have felt so welcomed as part of the 2s community! I feel like the three teachers function as a true team! I have been incredibly impressed with Johanna's level of communication…I've seen each of the team leading circle time, which I think is so valuable to the children and such an incredible example of the teamwork by the adults, which positively impacts the children!!
Mandy C

The Threes Classroom

It's hard to believe it, but school is just around the corner for your vivacious, curious three-year-old. Our goal in the Threes Room is to prepare children for more formal learning activities by providing a series of hands-on activities. The learning environment encourages the children to develop the necessary skills for success in school. In addition, we continue to foster their social and emotional growth. Being safe, being respectful, and being kind are daily expectations.

five three-year-olds sitting and smiling

We offer a program that recognizes the value of free choice activities combined with teacher-directed activities, outside play, art, science, music and dramatic play. When planning small groups, teachers choose activities that facilitate cognitive language development. Learning centers will be provided to allow children to make choices regarding what interests they wish to explore. During large group time, opportunities will be provided for active indoor and outdoor play, as well as dramatic play. Age-appropriate play equipment will be used for the development of large motor skills and coordination.

We help children develop a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity, and weekly themes will provide opportunities to learn about different customs and holidays. Teachers model appropriate responses and outcomes for various emotions, while teaching that all emotions are acceptable. Teachers demonstrate an interest in and respect for each child, and continue to provide a safe haven for children when they need it, by always having a lap available or a hand to hold.

Our three-year-old daughter loves going to Bates-Rich. Every staff member knows her (even the teachers who have never had her in their rooms) and greet her warmly and affectionately. She is excited to go to "school" every morning and I often have to struggle to bring her home at night because she wants to stay and play with her friends and teachers. I would highly recommend Bates-Rich to any and all of my friends who are in search of a child care center.
Jason R

The Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is available for children who are four years old before December 1st of the current school year. We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum which includes hands-on activities and a positive environment for social interactions and growth. In this way, we are able to foster individual rates of growth while preparing the children for more formal learning. The learning environment encourages children to develop a positive self-esteem, along with the readiness skills necessary to succeed in school.

We facilitate cognitive development through an integrated language arts, math and science program. This program includes early literacy development through reading, writing, listening and speaking experiences, and math and science readiness skills introduced through counting, patterning, graphing to make comparisons and problem-solving. Observation, prediction, experimentation and discovery are included in daily hands-on activities.

Through daily interaction with peers, children learn to adapt socially and emotionally to the world around them. Teachers validate children's feelings and help them learn to use language to solve problems, resolve conflicts and express their emotions. Each child's individual rate of growth is respected, with teachers providing opportunities for each child to express their individuality within the group.

We help children develop cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity through the use of books, music, newsprint, food and magazines. Regular field trips to places such as a farm market or a firehouse help teach children about their diverse community. ​

To ensure individual attention, while still preparing children for the adjustment to larger classes, Pre-K class ratios are maintained at a maximum of eight students to one teacher. Group sizes are determined by New York State licensing standards. The lead Pre-K teacher is a certified elementary school teacher. Parents are kept informed through the posting of lesson plans, monthly calendars, teacher newsletters, written evaluations and formal parent-teacher conferences.

Why 5 Days?

Most school districts in Monroe County have made the transition to full-day Kindergarten. For many kids, Kindergarten is now a seven-hour day. The implementation of the Common Core curriculum in New York State has made these days not only longer but also more rigorous academically.

We like all our Pre-K'ers to come at least five days a week for three hours a day. This Monday-Friday schedule sets the stage for the following year, making the transition easier. We do offer convenient wrap care before and after Pre-K for children that need full-time care.

Early Kindergarten Classroom

The Bates-Rich Early Kindergarten program is an excellent choice for any child who would benefit from another year before kindergarten, or those that could benefit from a smaller class size, a more individualized curriculum, and/or more social and emotional support. The advantages of our program include:

  • Smaller group size
  • Two experienced, certified teachers
  • An emergent curriculum ​​derived from the specific interests and needs of individual children
  • Continuity of care for children and any siblings who already attend the Center
  • Convenient wrap care for working parents
  • Close, daily working relationship between parents and teachers ​​​

All kindergarten teachers are certified to teach Kindergarten. Teacher's Assistants also have a strong background in Early Childhood Education. To ensure individual attention, while still preparing children for the adjustment to larger classes, the Kindergarten class is limited to 18 children, with two teachers. Formal parent-teacher conferences are held twice each school year, to keep you well-informed of your child's progress. Teacher conferences are also available, by request, throughout the school year.

kindergarten children sitting on floor

When is Early Kindergarten a Good Idea?

Jake would not be turning five until November. Academically, he was at or above the level of his peers. However, his parents had short-term concerns about his social readiness and also felt strongly that they did not want him to be the smallest or youngest in his class. They planned ahead for Jake to do two years of Kindergarten. ​​

Lilah had attended Pre-K five mornings a week and was doing well, but her parents were still on the fence about sending her to the public schools. They worried that going from approximately 15 hours of structured time each week, with three teachers, to more than that twice that amount of instruction, in a new school with only one teacher, would be too much for her. Her parents liked the idea of a longer day with more support. They planned to decide on Kindergarten or first grade later on, based on her readiness.

Every child and each situation is unique. We invite you to set up an appointment to come in chat with us about the early learning experience that will best serve your child.

Language & Literacy

Through exposure to and immersion of spoken and written language, learners will develop an interest and appreciation for language. Activities in this area of development will include culturally sensitive and anti-bias goals.


Through hands-on experiences, children will be introduced to various mathematical concepts. Activities should augment problem-solving and counting skills, and also facilitate knowledge, application and analysis of mathematical concepts

Social Studies

Experiences will facilitate and increase an awareness of self-concept, social skills, and family and community. They should also encourage the enhancement of nurturing behaviors.

Large Motor & Fine Motor Development

We will provide and facilitate experiences that ensure the development of gross motor skills.  Likewise, we facilitate experiences that promote the development of hand-eye coordination, and enhance and encourage the growth of these skills. 


This area of activity will focus on promoting the growth of critical thinking, tactile, visual, olfactory and auditory skills.

Art/Music & Creative Expression

Experiences should further creative self-expression and promote appreciation of the creativity of others. Focus will be on exposure to various forms of art, music, and creative expression.

School-Age Wrap

Our School-Age Program is Located at the House on 1683 Whitney Road Enhanced before and after school care

Bates-Rich Child Care is open from 7 AM until 6 PM, offering both before and after school care for Fairport elementary school students. Before school care is available for children whose parents need to leave for work before the bus pick-up at home. Children are eased into their school day in a small, nurturing environment. They may choose to bring breakfast to eat at the Center. Our after school program has a family feel, with experienced teachers offering homework help and various fun activities. We offer after-school clubs such as Chess Club, Fitness Club, and Cooking Club. Children receive a healthy snack in the afternoon. The wrap program also runs during half days and school vacation days, and on snow days.

Our School Age Director, Carlene Morgan, has a Child Development Associate Degree and many years of experience working with school age children. Mrs. Morgan, along with two assistants, is responsible for helping children get on and off the bus and planning activities and field trips.

Bates Rich's Early K program has been a perfect fit for our son who has a November birthday. It has been amazing to watch him mature and grow in the wonderful care of his amazing teachers. We are thrilled with the personal, professional, and exceptional care our older child receives in the before/after school program as well!
Christine S

Summer Fun & Summer Camp

Choices abound when it comes to kids and summer camp. Camps exist for every sort of activity and sport, through all sorts of organizations. That's why we know it's such a compliment when kids ask to come back to Bates-Rich Summer Camp year after year.

Our summer camp is packed with fun activities and special experiences, and is led by experienced teachers in a small group environment. Each week revolves around a different theme -the weekly themes for the 2020 season are listed to the right! Activities for the week revolve around the theme, and include crafts, science, music, drama and sports. We also have daily outdoor adventures such as walks, playground time, water play and organized games. Each week includes a field trip or special visitor. We also have weekly camp cookouts. Your child's summer camp schedule is completely customizable - you can sign up for as many weeks as you need, full-time or part-time, and payment is not due until the month of attendance.

Our Camp Director has been a part of our teaching staff since Bates-Rich opened in 2004. She has extensive experience and education relating specifically to school-aged children. Her co-teachers are also long-term staff. The level of experience of our teachers is one of the advantages that sets us apart. While the primary focus of summer is having fun, we believe it is important to continue to work hard on building social and emotional skills. The kids know that our mantra of Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful is year-round.

school aged kids sitting on a fallen tree

Summer 2019

Weekly Themes 2020

Week 1: June 29-July 2 Splash Down to Summer

Week 2: July 6-10 Calling all Artists

Week 3: July 13-17 Nature Unleashed

Week 4: July 20-24 Magic, Music and More

Week 5: July 27-31 Fungineers

Week 6: August 3-7 Aqua Adventures

Week 7: August 10-14 Passport to Fitness

Week 8: August 17-21 Captivating Cooks

Week 9: August 24-28 Passport to World Travel

Week 10: August 31-Sept 4 Caribbean Campers

Geriatric Care Management

At SureCare, we can help you with all aspects of Geriatric Care:
  • PRI/Screening
  • Medication Management
  • VA Consultation
  • Nurse assessment to determine the level of care needs
  • Assisting with processing Long Term Care Insurance claims and understanding Medicare and Medicaid coverage
  • Home Care coordination and oversight
  • Nursing home, assisted living and memory care placement
  • Act as a liaison to families at a distance
  • Assist with hospital/ rehab discharge
  • Assess living arrangements and assure a safe environment
  • Accompany patients to physician appointments and implement recommendations
  • Preserving financial resources by helping avoid inappropriate payment and duplicated services
  • Mini mental examination and cognitive assessment, specializing in Dementia care
  • Extensive knowledge about quality, cost effective and available resources in the community

We perform comprehensive assessments to evaluate a person's functional, cognitive, emotional and financial needs and strengths.

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